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New Quiz Show

Quiz Show Contestants

Are you good at general knowledge?

Can you hold your own in your local pub quiz?

Are you cunning enough to fool others into thinking you’re losing when you’re winning?

Could you pull off the ultimate bluff?

If the answer to these questions is YES YES YES then apply for the chance to take part in a brand new television quiz series AND be in the running for a cash prize.

To apply please log on to


Deadline: 2nd September 2007


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The Peoples Quiz Wildcard


Win a place in the final!

Did you miss The People's Quiz national auditions? Do you think you've got the brainpower to win £200,700?

Well, here's your chance to prove it! You too could win a place in the People's Quiz Grand Final and have the chance to play for that life-changing sum of money. Join Jamie Theakston on our BBC Two sister show - The People's Quiz Wildcard - and you could win a guaranteed place in the BBC One Grand Final.

If you want to be on the show and be in with a chance of winning, click here to download an application form. Send it back to us as soon as you can and you could be joining us to play for a life-changing £200,700. Be sure to read the rules before you enter!

Deadline:30th June 2007


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The Nation Lottery Jet Set 2012


Eamonn Holmes returns to BBC One this summer with a brand new series of The National Lottery: Jet Set and he's looking for contestants.

Fancy winning the trip of a lifetime, living in luxurious locations?

If you're lively, outgoing and think you could join the Jet Set, call or email NOW for an application form.

If you are interested in taking part in this programme,

Deadline:31st July 2007


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Cash Giveaway- No Strings Attached


Do you have a long held dream or ambition which is just out of reach because you lack the cash to make it a reality?

ITV is producing a new TV show which will provide a cash injection to help make these dreams come true.

There are no strings attached as long as your heartfelt desire is genuine and honest!

So if you want to be in with a chance of getting your hands on a windfall:

Call 0845 458 6500
Or email cash@fevermedia.co.uk


Deadline:1st September 2007



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Brand New Wildlife quizshow!

How much do you know about animals?

Would you like to win the holiday of a lifetime?

We are looking for families to take part in a new fun and exciting wildlife based gameshow for ITV1.

The teams will be made up of 2 adults and 2 children (aged 9 - 16), but this does not necessarilly have to be 2 parents; it can also include grandparents, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews etc. Each family can apply with a maximum of 8 members, but we will select the final 4 to take part in the show.

If you and your family are interested in taking part please email: wildlifequiz@endemoluk.com Or call: 0208 222 4048 for more information.

Auditions to take place in

Manchester - Thursday 26th October
Birmingham - Friday 27th October
Glasgow - Saturday 28th October
Belfast - Tuesday 31st October
Cardiff - Thursday 2nd November

Good Luck!


Deadline:2nd November 2007


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Do you have good intuition about people?

Can you tell whether someone is a high or low earner simply by looking at them?

Suppose you could win their annual salary if you were right?

Win My Wage
, the brilliant new Channel 4 game show capitalises on the fascination we all have with what other people earn.

It's a game of intuition, deduction and chance. It will confirm and confound your preconceptions about people and the many different ways they make their money.

The aim of the game is to win the highest salary available from one of eight wage earners – each with very different jobs and incomes – by using guile and instinct to decide who earns the most.

Is she a low wage clerk or the brains behind a top internet business? Is he a top sales executive or a stay-at-home dad?

You decide.

It's up to you to identify who you believe is THE HIGHEST EARNER. Guess correctly and win their wage. Get it wrong and go home with nothing.

WIN MY WAGE – who would you choose?

To take part in this brand new game show and put your powers of perception to the test please contact the team at Hotbed Media on 0121 248 3950 or email on wmwcontestants@hotbedmedia.co.uk.


Deadline:1st August 2007


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Could you and your mates give a bunch of Celebrities a run for their money?

Channel 4 and Open Mike are producing a brand new studio game show fronted by comedian Alan Carr.

If you have a team of five friends who you think could take on the world of celebrity then get in touch!

Teams should be mixed gender and aged 18 to 30.

For more information and an application form please send an email (with ALAN CARR in the subject title) to contestants@openmike.co.uk




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ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 10 YEAR OLD? Do you remember the maths you learnt as a 6 year old? Do you think you could pass an English test written for an 8 year old? If so, then this is your chance to prove it and win a big cash prize! Noel Edmonds is to host Sky One’s biggest and most exciting entertainment show and you could be part of it. Auditioning  couldn’t be easier - so if you want to win life changing amounts of money 'APPLY NOW!' Age range 18 to 75+


If you want to win life changing amounts of money request an application form via email to smarter@twofour.co.uk or call 0870625095 NOW. Get the application form back as soon as you can & they'll take it from there.


Good Luck

Deadline:1st July 2007


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If there are any auditions available that aren't listed here, help us to help you by e-mailing: info@makemefamous.tv